Why are we putting ourselves through this again?

Rory was going to be 50, but he decided to do this instead and help some others more needy (so to speak) than himself. And lets face it, why get older when you can just get fabulous!

Whats included?

Fun, food, drinks and a chance to give.

Do we have to dress up?

Come on, it’s Vegas Baby!

Can I bring friends?

Please do, bring friends, bring Romans, bring countrymen, bring ladies of the night, bring Elvis, bring everyone.  It’s a party – the more the merrier.

I’m stoney broke, but I want to party?

I’s a fundraiser, so we want to raise some funds.  But we need the fun too, so show us your game face and we might cut a deal.  Don’t be shy – this is how the magic happens!