5 Easy Costumes under €50

With Halloween done and dusted it’s time to get your Star Trek costume ready! We wanted to remind people that this does not have to be an expensive affair and therefore we have compiled five costumes under €50 – from basic outfits to perhaps suggestions for the more adventurous attendees! 

1. Seven Of Nine


What is required?

Silver Catsuit – €40.99 + €3.99 delivery, costumeshop.ie, Silver Face Paint – €3.50 available from various retail stores and online at partyworld.ie.

Total: €48.48


As mentioned in a previous post, this is not for the faint hearted, however all good Star Trek Events need a Seven of Nine! Amazon also have a range of silver catsuits, however Irish website costume.shop.ie have a decent one at a reasonable price. This is can be coupled with a Trek badge (DIY – Drawn on with black marker!!!) and grey paint for the markings over her eyes/side of her face. Team this with a pair of heels from your closet and you are ready to rock!


2. Spock


spock wig

What is required?

Star Trek Top – €18 approx and Spock wigs & ears – €14 approx both from amazon.co.uk.

Total: €32

This outfit is a simple and effortless. Teamed with black trousers and shoes which you are bound to already have, it will make an excellent Spock for The Enterprise! Ears and wigs can also be purchased separately, however this one from Rubie’s Masquerade combines the two.

3. Galt

What is required?

Black Cloak with red collar – €13 + €6.50 delivery from partyworld.ie

Neck Ring – €3 approx from ebay or something similar from your garage!

Total: €22.50


Again Galt can be done very simply by using a black cloak teamed with black trousers and shoes from your cupboard. His metal neck ring is tricky, however we suggest something along the lines of a jewellery wire if a necklace can’t be found.

ring neck



4. Kirk


What is required?

Kirk Star Trek Top – €25 + €6.50 delivery from fancydressstore.ie

Total: €31.50

What better outfit than to go as Commander of the Enterprise? This shirt, worn with black trousers and shoes is perfect for the night and is available in small, medium and extra large online at fancydressstore.ie.



5. Uhura

red dress

What is required?

black crop

Red Dress – €17 from boohoo.com

Black polo top – €5 from boohoo.com

Total: €22

The beauty of Uhura is that in the older series she wore long sleeve dresses but in the new movies, a short sleeve one. Boohoo.com have a wide range of plain red dresses, short and long sleeved which can be used. Underneath this a black polo top can be worn for the collar and perhaps if you have black material lying around your house this could also be stitched to the dress. Knee high black boots or any style can be worn with this. Check out Penneys as they also have a range of plain dresses retailing at roughly €7.







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