19 Great Costume Ideas For The Night

With the big event just around the corner, we are sure many people are beginning to think of an outfit for the night. While there are many ready-made Star Trek uniforms for your convenience on the market, here’s a quick overview of some more unique characters and species to get your imagination going. Don’t forget there will a best dressed competition on the night so why not demonstrate your true knowledge of Star Trek and recreate a specific character?

1. Captain Kirk

If you are looking for a simple, hassle free costume, dressing as Captain James Kirk in his illustrious gold uniform is your best bet. Whether you go with the classic William Shattner top or the more modern Chris Pine look, either costume will effectively display your command of the Enterprise.

kirk new Kirk

2. Spock

One of the more well known characters from Star Trek, Spock is easily recognizable by his renowned pointy ears. This character can be easily imitated with a blue uniform, a pair of pointy rubber ears and a black bowl haircut.

spock Spock-vs-Spock

3. Nyoto Uhura

Uhura is a nice simple character for the ladies. Communications Officer on the Enterprise, she is famous for her short, red dress and hooped earrings. Although originally casted with short brown hair, she featured in the new Star Trek movies with long brown hair providing you with flexibility to choose either version.

New Uhura Uhura

4. The Orions

Orions are recognised by their distinctive green skin and warrior outfits. The typical male Orion is bald and muscly while the females are seductive, animalistic characters. The Orion Slave Girls are one of the best known Orions, trafficked through the slave markets, they have become synonymous with “The Cage”  scene in The Original Series.

Orion Orion Male Orion Slave Girl

5. Khan Noonien Singh

Khan is one of the most well known enemies of Captain Kirk and featured in The Original Series but was also the main feature of the movie The Wrath of Khan. He is in fact a genetically engineered human supposedly made stronger, more agile and twice as intelligent as a normal human being (Not sure how many “normal” humans are actually in Star Trek) Khan’s look varies in the Star Trek episodes with the original character having short, neat, brown hair, which later transforms into a long silver haired man reminiscent of Rod Stewart. So for those going for the latter version of Khan get your warrior jewellery ready and chest hair waxed, as Khan is a fan of open cardigans!

Khan Space Seed Khan

6. Galt

Galt is a gem of a costume which can be done easily and cheaply. This character appears in The Original Series and is a Master Thrall with the ability to control other Thralls by activating their collars. His outfit consists of a black cloak with a curved, red, glitter collar and of course not forgetting his bald head and grey goatee.

Galt Galt_with_glowing_eyes

7. Shahna

Shahna appears in The Original Series in the same episode as Galt – “The Gamesters of Triskelion”. Her costume is definitely futuristic featuring a metallic silver bikini type ensemble accompanied by silver boots and gloves and her Thrall ring collar. Most important however is her green back-combed hair – perhaps a bad attempt at bleaching her hair?

shahna full shahna

8. Thelev

Thelev was an Orion in The Original Series whose aim was to destroy the Enterprise. His blue skin and periscope antlers are distinctive features of the character. With a simple grey jumper, army green bib, black trousers and black boots his look can easily be recreated!

Thelev Thelev_fights_Kirk

9. Data

Lieutenant Commander Data was created by Dr Soong as an android with a positronic brain or in layman’s terms a computerised brain. Data is featured in The Next Generation and is recognisable from his ghostly pale (sometimes yellow) face and black slicked back hair. He is also featured in certain episodes playing poker with his plastic poker visor.

Data Data Visor

10. Geordi La Forge

La Forge is a chief Engineer of the Enterprise and appears in The Next Generation. He was born blind in the African Confederation and received his infamous VISOR (Visual Instrument and Sensory Organ Replacement) at the age of five which allowed him to see infrared and ultraviolet ranges. Along with his gold Next Generation Uniform, it is this VISOR which La Forge is most distinguishable for and would make a great costume on the night – however the ability to see through the visor is something to be considered!

La Forge La Forge

11. Worf

Worf is a Klingon who appears in The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine. He was assigned command bridge officer on the Enterprise and along with his uniform wore a Klingon metal warrior sash, called a Baldric. As with all Klingon’s his most noticeable feature is his ridged forehead which results in a prominent high forehead. His long brown locks and beard are also significant features of the character.

Worf Worf_2366

12. Klingons

If you prefer not to go as a specific Klingon character such as Worf, there is always the option to come as a generally member of the Klingon species. As with Worf the most important feature of a Klingon is their ridged forehead which is caused from a sagittal crest. This begins on the forehead and contines onto the skull. In fact Klingon chest, feet and spines also have ridges, but are generally covered by their clothing.

klingon example klingon-woman

13. Odo

Constable Odo is a Changeling featured in Deep Space Nine. He had no sense of smell but had shape shifting abilities. Odo’s prominent features are his brown security Officer uniform, sunken eyes and blonde slicked hair.

Odo Odo DS9

14. Quark

If you are looking to really stand out at the event, dressing as a Ferengi like Quark is one way to do it. Quark was an enemy of Worf and appeared alongside him in Deep Space Nine. He was the proprietor and Bartender of the famous Quark’s Bar. His large ears, bulging head and crooked teeth are just some of his interesting features. He is often seen wearing opulent red and purple colored clothing.

Quark Quark

15. Dukat

Dukat is another distinguishable character with his extremely broad shoulders (In order to complete this look, shoulder pads may be required!) and slightly disproportionate head. A Cardassian military officer appearing in Deep Space Nine, his scaly light gray skin and thick neck can’t be missed. A noticeable feature of Cardassian’s is their imprinted inverted teardrop shape in the centre of their forehead alongside the thick vertical ridges on either side of their necks, both of which are prominent in Dukat.

dukat Dukat-closeup

16. Seven of Nine

For those females looking for a more slinky outfit, Seven of Nine may be what you are looking for. A human but former Borg drone, she is pictured below in her metallic silver skin tight jumpsuit. Her noticeable features are her short, blonde hair and the markings above her left eye and on her right hand cheek. She is slim and seductive and not for the faint hearted!

seven of nine Seven_of_nine

17. Borg Queen

The Borg Queen appears in Voyager and took charge of her drones such as former Borg, Seven of Nine. While her face and upper torso were organic, the remainder of her body was synthetic. The pale, serpentine skin and bald head are highly noticeable in this character, alongside the contraption attached to the back of her head. Her outfits generally consisted of PVC jumpsuits which perfectly matched this villainess’ slimy personality. While this costume may take a bit more effort, it will definitely stand out on the night!

Borg Queen_2372 borgqueen001

18. Phlox

Doctor Phlox was a Denobulan who appeared in the Enterprise series. Generally wearing a plain tunic top, Phlox had worm like ridges on the side of his face and on his ears.


19. Trills

Last but not least, for those who are looking to spice up their Star Trek Uniforms, adding some facial and neck tattoos may be an easy solution. Trills are a humanoid species seen in the next generation who are recognised by the rows of spots down each side of their body – a simple yet effective way to build on your outfit!

jadzia Trill male

If you are looking for more information on any of these characters www.memory-alpha.org is a great website with details on character backgrounds etc. The Original Series is FULL of weird and wonderful costumes so make sure to do some further research if none of the above tickle your fancy!

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